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Mortgage Affordability

Mortgage lenders have different criteria, if you have been turned down by one it does not mean you cannot get a mortgage.

Credit Rating

What is your Credit Report?

A credit report shows your financial history, lenders use this to determine if you are likely to repay your mortgage.

The higher your credit rating the more likely it is to be accepted by a lender for a mortgage with a preferential rate.

How to find out your credit rating

You can check your credit rating by obtaining your credit report from several companies, Experian is the company that mortgage lenders usually use so if your credit has been low in the past this would be the best place to check your report.

If your credit score is low it will take at least 3 months to improve it.

If you have any missed payments, have defaults or CCJs on your credit report you can still get a mortgage. A lender will see this as adverse credit and you will pay a higher rate of interest for a few years, until your credit rating improves.

Follow these tips to improve your credit rating

  • Check your credit report for free at
  • Do not use all your limit on credit cards and overdrafts.
  • Close any credit cards and credit account you are not using.
  • Clear as much borrowing as you can before applying for a mortgage.
  • Make sure you are registered to vote on the electoral roll you can do this online at